Fitness for Kids Who Don't Like Sports

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Team sports can boost kids' self-esteemcoordination, and general fitness, and help them learn how to work with other kids and adults. But some kids aren't natural athletes, and they may tell parents — directly or indirectly — that they just don't like sports. What then? Not every child has to join a team, and with enough other activities, kids can be fit without them. But try to find out why your child isn't interested. You might be able to help address deeper concerns or steer your child toward something else.

As a result of Tara Parker-Pope. In your quest designed for a balanced life, have you abandoned your hobbies? As children, we are experts at finding hobbies. We act sports, take dance and music lessons, collect action figures and spend our days learning everything from languages en route for wood shop. But somewhere on the path to adulthood, we stop trying new things and spend less age on our non-career interests. Use this guide to get inspired, spark your interests and follow your passion toward a new hobby.

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