The Hardy Boys

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Young Hot Blooded Sleuths hellraiser7 1 July This is one of my favorite detective shows of all time. But this was more than a book series it was also a phenomenon as the book series still goes on but also its influence and legacy from shows like Scooby Doo, Gravity Falls and many more have lived on to this day. When I heard about this show and saw some reruns of it on the TV Land channel when it actually still showed classic programsI thought it was a dream come true because I always felt the book series could make a good TV show. This show really was something not just in adapting the series successfully and is still my favorite adaptation for now anyway. I always thought that was cool because despite all the action TV shows there really weren't any and still not many with young adults. I really like the theme song and that into which is one of my favorite themes and intros to a TV show. The song just has sort of that tone that just sings mystery and adventure.

The story and characters are drawn along with a broad brush, but it is right on target for the 10 - 13 year olds that I imagine are the intended audience. Props for a diverse cast. Props designed for showing adolescents having platonic friendships athwart gender lines. It's a little bit Scooby-Doo A little bit Indiana Jones. It's well-paced. The storyline has gaps. Check your brain and enjoy the ride. The younger of the two brothers meets and befriends an fully developed stranger he finds living on the beach.

This was the first Hardy Boys charge I ever read. He had according to the grapevine never become terribly interested in Above-board and Joe, even in his pre-Atari days; he had only five before six Hardy Boys books and—embarrassingly—a a small amount of assorted Bobbsey Twins adventures. The Hardys were for boys, Nancy for girls; for whom were the Bobbseys meant? Dixon and Carolyn Keene come at the appointed time to mind. It took me four years or so before I after all admitted to myself that neither Mr. Dixon nor Ms.

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