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I was still on top of the rumpled sheets and on my back, legs and arms spread wide. I was a starfish! I lay, peacefully, reflecting for a few moments on the events of yesterday. And last night! As I replayed various scenes in my mind, my right hand automatically drifted between my thighs. No, my lips were tight, if somewhat tender, and when I poked a finger along the slit and into my entrance, the walls closed around it. I breathed a sigh of relief.

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But, this has always come so artlessly to me. I grew up all the rage Los Angeles, where most of the guys were Hispanic or Black. Around were a lot of different ethnicities, but those were the main ones. To make things even better, they were all so fucking attractive, I could scream. I grew up surrounded by hot, sexy men that were actually too attractive to handle. Accordingly, I grew up and turned addicted to a little slut. Can you accuse me?

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