How Nancy Drew Succeeds as an Adaptation Where The Hardy Boys Fails

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April 10, Published inThe Tower Treasure is the book that introduced the teenage heroes, Frank and Joe Hardy, and which also began the series that would introduce generations of young boys to the world of crime fiction. The series ran until and consists of one hundred and ninety volumes, although some purists insist that only the first fifty-eight novels constitute the real Hardy Boy Mysteries. The books were written by Franklin W. Dixon, the pen name used by a stable of writers who worked for the publisher that produced the books.

Calmly judging you, CBS. But for a variety of reasons, these stories allow proven perilously difficult to adapt designed for the screen. And one method evidently works better than the other. Nancy Drew jumps at the chance en route for create a completely new take arrange a classic heroine for modern audiences, acknowledging that their girl detective does and should look different than her textual counterpart. Tonally, The Hardy Boys has a lot more in coarse with the original Stratemeyer Syndicate catalog than its CW cousin does, along with its wholesome feel, younger characters, after that colorful, vaguely timeless aesthetic. While this move is understandable on paper, all the rage actuality it robs the series of its most important element: The affiliation between the Hardy Boys themselves. Along with Frank now sixteen and Joe a minute ago twelve, their characters no longer air like equals, or even really akin to friends. In fact, young Joe has more to do with his BFF Biff — intriguingly now reimagined at the same time as a tomboyish girl — than he does with his brother. What above what be usual schooler is naturally this eager en route for hang out with a twelve-year-old, afterwards all?

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