Seven sex myths that aren’t true and no size doesn’t matter

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Back to Sexual health. Men everywhere worry that their penis is smaller than it should be or that it won't satisfy a lover. But research suggests that most men underestimate the size of their pride and joy. Man has always placed great importance on the size of his penis. Many cultures associate penis size with masculinity.

At the same time as soon as I was born, I was already destined to die earlier than half the babies in my maternity ward — a curse so as to I can do little to avert. The reason? My sex. Simply anticipate to the fact that I am male, I can be expected en route for die around three years earlier than a woman born on the alike day. What is it about body a man that means I am likely to die younger than the women around me? And is it possible for me to break the curse of my gender?

Although there's been significant gains made all the rage de-stigmatizing reproductive body parts , there's still a lingering and significant quantity of shame associated with vaginas. So as to shame, in tern, can make it that much more difficult to ascertain about this particular body part. All the rage other words, whether you've been also shy to ask or don't appreciate where to look for information, chances are you've wondered about a affair or two down there. For starters, vagina is not an all-encompassing call for everything between your legs. The vagina is muscular, hollow organ so as to extends from the vaginal opening en route for the uterus. Because it has beefy walls, the vagina can expand after that contract, allowing it to accommodate everything from a tampon , to a finger, to a penis, to a baby. The walls of the vagina are lined with mucous membranes, which keep it protected and moist, after that contrary to popular belief vaginas are mostly able to take care of themselves. They don't require much advantage to maintain their complex yet accurate microbiome, but there are still a few basic tidbits and fun factoids anyone with a vagina should adhere to in mind. Not sure what you can expect to happen to your vagina after childbirth?

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Ago to Sexual health. Having sex devoid of protection is risky. Unprotected sex is any sex without contraception or a condom. You may have forgotten en route for use contraception, or it may not have worked. Sometimes a condom capacity split or slip off during femininity. Always hold on to the basis of the condom when the penis is pulled out. This will ban the condom slipping off and leaking sperm.

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