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Perhaps you have stories of the milkman with his horse and cart, the iceman, getting bogged in Napier Street, of restrictions during the war etc. I will publish them on this page - no names if you want. Please note that I reserve the right to edit them for spelling grammar and good taste. Daryl writes: Hi Daryl here, I lived in Fenacre street from about toI went to Strathmore State School, my fame was in grade I with a close friend Stuart were the bell monitors and operated the marching music for school assembly. My favourite teacher was Mr Higinson, he taught us to sing and use a weaving machine. In those days you lined up for the strap if you misbehaved. I remember the milk left in the sun with birds pecking through the silver lids, cream at top and always warm, our big sports days spent at Essendon football ground with other local primary schools. Heading down to Strathmore shops at morning tea or lunch, Greg's parents had a shop there, he always had plenty of lollies, the dentist was at end of Strathmore shops and being sent there was just the worst punishment possible, thank goodness for floride introduced inbit to late. From my memeory I was one of the then unlucky ones who because boundaries was unable to go to Strathmore High School.

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