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Contact Us Non-Degree Student Admission Information Non-degree enrollment status is designed for students who wish to take courses but do not plan to pursue a degree. Non-degree students do not qualify for financial aid. Non-degree students are part-time students and are expected to enroll in no more than eight credits per term. Students wishing to take more than 8 credits per term must be admitted as a degree-seeking student.

Amid classes, work, homework, family, and erstwhile commitments, there can be a allocation to balance. So why would we suggest you add another thing en route for that list by joining a apprentice organization? Because it can impact your career and student experience in a hugely positive way. Take a air at these 12 reasons why you should join a student organization although getting your graduate degree. Benefits Of A Student Organization 1. Joining a student organization presents many opportunities en route for learn more about yourself, your goals, and your strengths. You can ascertain from how other students handle a few situations and test your current acquaintance. This self-awareness will be beneficial all the rage your future career. Participating in a student organization not only teaches you these skills, but also helps you broaden and improve those you before now have.

Types of Non-degree Students Non-degree applicants as a rule fall under one of the next categories: Students who need to absolute pre-requisites for another program and are currently not enrolled in a amount seeking program at FIU. Students who want to take a few courses at FIU but not obtain a degree or certificate. Students who are visiting from private colleges or out-of-state schools not on official student altercation referred to as transient or caller students. Person 60 years of become old or older who meet Florida care order requirements and who attended classes all the rage a state university. Application Steps Brief students coming to FIU from a private school or a school beyond Florida apply must apply as non-degree seeking. Florida State University System brief applicants should follow instructions on Apprentice Admissions for how to apply. Block out the Non-Degree Seeking Application all the rage its entirety.

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