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It's Friday night and you've been thinking about sex all day. Instead of concentrating at work, you've imagined going home and pushing your S. Or maybe you wouldn't even make it to the bedroom, and your clothes would come off while you're standing against the wall. The only problem? It's clear when your partner gets home that they haven't been having the same fantasy. They're beat from a long, stressful week at work. And when you start to initiate the sex you've fantasized about they say, Babe, I think you're so hot, but can we just watch a movie and cuddle tonight?

A minute ago three examples of red-hot desire arrange the big screen, out of the many throughout the whole of film history. Whether sexy exchanged glances before heavy petting, carefully framed in the sheets or full-frontal nudity, sexuality is an inherent part of the cinematic experience — because sex is an inherent part of our lives. En route for deny sex and sexuality in the cinema is to deny our accept fully-fledged humanity. But are filmmakers all the time more shunning the erotic nonetheless?

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