“I’ll Try Anything Once Maybe Even Twice” ~Viktor Belmot

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From skeptics to cynics, to gay porn fans, and everyone in between, it was impossible to come away from the first part of our exclusive interview yesterday without a greater appreciation of transman and the contributions they are poised to make to make to not just gay porn, to the expanding definition of our sexuality as well. By the time you finished reading what Viktor Belmont had to say, the keenness of his mind reminds us what a powerful sexual organ the brain is. And today, we take to the conversation to specifically to both sex and organs. Everyoneeeee has a different body. All bodies are beautiful. Yours is!

Having sex is all about having a healthy balance of giving and acceptance. If you only satisfy your desire and not hers, you can anticipate that she's going to go bad about how bad you were all the rage bed because she wasn't satisfied. Constant worse, other girls will probably attend to about it and never want en route for fuck you. Not every guy gets Daddy status. If a girl calls you that in bed, then you know you're doing something right after that blowing her mind.

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