Should You Dye Your Brown Hair Blonde?

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Even though we watched her color gradually evolve before our eyes, the day she revealed a full-on platinum blonde dye job we were stunned. For brunettes everywhere, it felt like an official endorsement. Goodbye, scary warnings about bleach and damage! Hellooo, my new summer look! But then again, not all brunettes look good with blonde hair The truest test is looking at childhood photos to see if you had any natural blonde in your hair when you were young but if you didn't, that doesn't mean you can't try it now. Ultimately, you're looking for a shade that will complement your coloring, keeping in mind that non-brassy, ashier blondes complement cool skin tones, while golden shades work better on warmer ones. It's also worth noting that blonde can have an especially washed-out effect on yellow undertones. As for your eyes: Blonde can work with lots of eye colors, says Cunningham, but I do love a warm, natural blonde with green eyes.

Whether you're a do-it-yourself gal, or a 'spend your whole month's salary all the rage the salon' once they open all over again kind of woman, having blonde beard is basically a full-time commitment. Accordingly, what to do if you absence to change it up without collapse all your hard work and age in the hairdresser's chair? Go designed for the latest twist on a abiding, that's what. After revealing she'd ditched her signature lime green roots after that black lengths in favour of a brand new bleached blonde look after everything else week, the internet was officially shooketh at Billie Eilish's new look. The singer swapped her grungey root blotch for a 'Retro Hollywood' blonde shag, but, according to Eilish's colourist Lissa Renn, the entire process took a whopping six weeks to achieve the Grammy award winner's glossy new blond blonde. Although time-consuming, Eilish's hair alteration proves even the darkest of bleach jobs can become blonde if you commit enough time and effort.

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