The Coolest Small Tattoos Spotted on Celebrities

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If you have a tattoo, these physical changes can alter your design and placement —however, the effects are less noticeable than you might think. Ahead, you'll find info on how weight loss and weight gain from pregnancy, working out, or not working out could affect your body ink. You'll also find info on how it shouldn't stop you from living your best, truest life. Dillon Forte is a celebrity tattoo artist who is internationally known for his sacred geometry work.

Carry with images and other media Carry text only Print Cancel If you've seen the delicate script on Selena Gomez's side or Miley Cyrus's album of tiny symbols and thought I'd love me some micro tattoos, this is the article for you. Acceptable line tattoos are a growing craze. I spoke with four tattoo artists who specialise in fine line tattoos and a dermatologist to get the dos and don'ts of this adapt of body art. Loading What are fine line and micro tattoos? But you click on the hashtag finelinetattoo on Insta, you'll see a allocation of variety in look and adapt. Adelaide-based artist Eloise Entraigues says acceptable line branched out from single aggravate tattoos.

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