I get bored as a stay-at-home mom. Here are 7 ways to beat the boredom and burnout

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The fact is, even though your baby requires a lot of energy and attention, the tasks of infant care are pretty basic at least in the beginning. Feeding, diapering, and snuggling comprise the majority of baby-care duties in the early days. Sometimes this can feel like a hamster wheel of tedious repetition. Plus, infants spend up to 17 hours a day sleeping. Chained to the house with a conked-out kiddo, many moms find themselves wondering what to actually do all day. Here are some options to consider.

The house in the suburbs thing was always more her goal than it was mine. Am I being a selfish ass? Is it my activity to suffer in silence? Are my expectations for my life unreasonable?

Absolutely, motherhood has its joys, but it can also be — dare I say — boring. Certainly, after an hour cycling through the same four picture books my son insists I read to him, life can activate to feel a bit dull. Bath repeat. Over and over and above. According to moms everywhere, along along with this study conducted by the Emotional Sciences Research Institute in Belgium, parental burnout — just like professional be exhausted — is real. Particularly if you lack enough support, parenting can abandon you feeling exhausted, ineffective and expressively distant from the very beneficiaries of all your unpaid work i. Build a routine When my son Oscar was still an infant, my being flowed nebulously from one diaper adjust to the next. Then, I began to break the unstructured hours I spent alone with the baby addicted to smaller, more manageable chunks. Nothing assume.

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