Quarantine Was Driving Me Crazy — So I Decided to Lose My Mind on Purpose

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People are quarantining with matches they just met on Bumble, Zoom happy hours have negated the need to ever wear pants on a date, and the cast of Love Is Blind are probably all thinking, Told ya so. Love in the time of the coronavirus is strange indeed. But socially distanced love is very much thriving. In an era where we do pretty much everything else virtually, virtual dating has quickly become a new norm. To keep your virtual drinks from getting stale, here are 21 creative virtual date ideas you can go on while maintaining a safe social distance.

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist designed for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite after that entertain the world through song. Whether you're convinced the whole world has gone a little mad or you're simply celebrating being crazy in adoration, have fun with this Crazy Playlist of pop, rock and country songs about being crazy in love before just plain crazy. Sometimes it seems like the whole world has consume a bit mad. While some of us entertain crazy ideas and bent ways of thinking, others pursue bizarre impossible dreams like quitting a around the clock job to blog for a active or climbing Mt. We may articulate our deepest thoughts via social media or fall in love at at the outset sight with a stranger. Being bizarre in love is exhilarating. It's the best drug there is, and but you're lucky, then the right administer medicine can last a lifetime. You allow to admit everyone is a a small amount bit crazy.

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