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From there, we bonded at practices, games, and social events until we started hanging out outside of soccer. Now, Emily, Kitty, and I are lucky enough to be leading club soccer together as captains, and Chloe plays on the varsity team. So, soccer is still a big part of all of our lives. The six of us continue to play club soccer together and are looking forward to when we can dance together at the Midwinter Ball in person! Playing board games and card games Too many puzzles Emily, Kitty, and Chloe are puzzle enthusiasts. Emily keeps a puzzle under her rug and every Friday, we roll back the rug to reveal a half-completed puzzle. Emily and her roommate are so enthusiastic that they are working to start their own puzzling club on campus!

The 80s were an era for women to express their autonomy and distinctiveness, through fashion choices, revolution, sexual air and any other medium that strives for pure gender equality and abandon. This song shows that women be able to be strong and powerful all arrange their own; they do not basic a man to achieve such category. This song has served as the backdrop for many movies and box programs that seek to promote lady empowerment. Women warrant mutual respect; they are in control of their bodies and themselves, and that is a bite that the larger, male-dominated culture should acknowledge and abide by. In the climax of the song, Cyndi keens the lyric: I want to be the one to walk in the sun, which is a declaration of the opportunities -- social, economic, authority, legal -- that all women, anyhow of class, race, or sexual character, rightly and richly deserve. Sounds actually motivational, right? Well the women of this generation have taken this catchphrase as an excuse to get blacked out, party every night and all in all do whatever the F it is they want. We are a age band unlike any that have preceded us.

Associate and contrast the very different versions below. What made you want en route for cover it and make it your own? Story continues Cyndi Lauper: The first time I heard it, I understood how I could sing as of my point of view and accomplish it a call to solidarity designed for women. In the s, women were still struggling to be seen at the same time as equal to men. But in s, it seemed that a lot of the hard work by people akin to Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem was being forgotten, and women were a long time ago again accepting the status quo. How did you change it to a female point of view? I had a different take, obviously.

I thought I had seen all of the dance movies of the 80s. I would say Helen Hunt fans will love her in this individual. There are many more recognizable actors in this silly but action chock-a-block story. The one part I despised was when one of the manly actors made a very crude action on a female actress. This appeal flaw did not have to be in the movie and I am sure it affected the rating. If not this movie is relatively clean. Lot's of dancing and a contest also.

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