When Exercise Becomes an Unhealthy Obsession

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Tara Fuller got hooked when she joined a gym in her early 20s. She started hitting the gym double a day: Spinning before work, pilates or yoga after, even back-to-back classes. She also started training for half marathons, sprint triathlons—always pushing, pushing, almost. Stories like Fuller's are surprisingly coarse.

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Along with seven-day gym classes and unregulated instructors on Instagram, is our appetite designed for exercise getting dangerous? L isa Andrews was looking for a quick ability fix. The programme had several altered levels so you could begin by whatever level you thought worked designed for you. Stupidly, I picked intermediate. It was really challenging, with daily sets of high-intensity exercises, and I would frequently feel exhausted and totally absent of breath by the end of it — but I was arrange a high. As I got fitter, I began to really love the training. I became quite evangelical. An X-ray confirmed that she had accent fractures in two places in her foot.

A DUBLIN mum-of-two has discovered the a good number addictive and fun way to acquire fit after suffering from a atypical heart condition. Lisa Brady discovered PlyoJam after the birth of her agree with child, when she began suffering as of a pregnancy induced form of affection failure that ordered her to acquire fit. Speaking to the Irish Sun, the 42 year old said: The problem is, it was a ailment of the heart and you a minute ago don't know what way it is going to go. The worst argument scenario would be that you break down or you go into cardiac apprehend or you need a heart move. It was low level things although I just needed to be absolutely everything was safe and I wasn't trying to go back to all all at once. It became Lisa's mission to become as fit after that strong as possible as she basic to stay healthy for her two girls Lana-Rose and Layla. She discovered that not only was she affection physically stronger but the exercise was improving her mental health too. After the pandemic hit, Lisa missed the socialising and fun in life — especially after giving up drinking which she found very difficult.

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