Buck Naked Dog Toy

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Guarantee Let your dog go Buck Naked! Now your dog can go Buck Naked too, just like the legions of loyal fans who swear by the better-than-birthday-suit comfort of Buck Naked Underwear. This faithful, PG-rated replica of the Naked Guy from our Buck Naked TV commercials will entertain your canine — and get giggles and guffaws from everyone who sees it. Molded of resilient Flexa-Pure that's gentler on dogs' teeth than traditional hard rubber toys. Promotes healthy gums, too. Won't crack, break, split or become brittle over time, and absorbs bite force for prolonged durability. Rubber- latex- and BPA-free material resists bacteria, mold, fungus and odors. No dog toy is indestructible; always supervise your dog during play.

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