What Is Precum?

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This pair of pea-sized glands are half an inch in diameter and connected to the urethra by ducts. What Does Precum Do? Sperm cells can be killed by the pH in urine. And since ejaculate and urine exit the body through the same tube, it's possible that sperm could be affected by its acidity level. Pre-ejaculate is an alkaline mucus, meaning it can neutralize acidity in the urethra. This clears the way for sperm to travel safely.

Is it possible? The only way designed for pregnancy to occur is if sperm comes in direct contact with the vagina. Below, a few other questions that might come up when you and your partner chat. Semen all the rage mouth — pregnant? To err arrange the side of caution, you could always use a dental dam before other barrier method when you before your partner go down the agree with time.

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