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Members of our patient community share their personal ovarian cancer stories to help those struggling with an ovarian cancer diagnosis. By reading and looking at the work of others, we see and feel that we are not alone. Thank you to the courageous women who have shared their personal stories here for the benefit of others. We also host an unmoderated Ovarian Cancer discussion board for patients. This discussion board was one of the first of its kind on the web; since the yearpatients have been using this discussion board to share their ovarian cancer journeys, advice and hope. Your words are the greatest power you have. The words you choose and use establish your life experience. Note: these stories date back as far as year

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Four-and-a-half years ago, fingers hovering over a keyboard, I did something that, unbeknown to me, would change my animation forever: I began to write a propos my sex life in explicit allocate and then publish it, anonymously, arrange the internet on a blog entitled Girl with a One Track Attend to. Back then, I felt frustrated as a result of the view that women needed en route for have an emotional connection to abundant enjoy sex: that certainly didn't affect to me. We might be active in a post-Sex and the Capital generation, surrounded by magazines offering tips on how to have better orgasms, and vibrators recommended to achieve so as to, but those same publications still attend to to frown on women who appreciate and pursue sex outside a continuing relationship. Being able to write behind closed door on my blog allowed me en route for highlight, through my female and feminist perspective, that if a woman enjoyed casual sex it did not accomplish her 'dirty' or a 'slut' before pathological: it just meant she liked sex - and there was agreed nothing wrong with that. Writing anonymously and not having to worry a propos people judging me, or about my violating others' privacy, I recounted, clearly, the sex I had had, be it good or bad. I spared no detail, because I wanted en route for reflect the reality of sex all the rage the most truthful way possible, all the rage the hope that other women who read the blog would relate en route for my experiences, and that the men reading might unlearn some of the bad habits they'd seemingly picked ahead from the falsities of porn. A small amount did I know that, a combine of years down the line, altogether my lovers, exes, friends, neighbours, colleagues and family would be reading the blog too.

Although with our fates more clearly tied together than ever, I needed en route for understand him. Frank and I met in when I began pursuing fieldwork, as an anthropologist, in American careful circles. For me, the vaccine promised freedom from worry, a way en route for avoid endangering myself and everyone I encountered. He singled out the accept mask in the photo I sent.

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