How to Be More Open-Minded: 9 Quick Exercises to Try Today

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What exciting new science tells us about open mindedness, willingness to change, and getting better together. Scroll to read, or jump right to the Intellectual Humility Test here. Intellectual Humility is one of the most exciting fields of study in current psychology and philosophy. Recent research has convinced me that getting better at it can change our lives—and make a big difference in the world. This article lays out much of what we know today about it, based on research from scholars across several industries, along with some original data of my own. Take a second to recall just how frustrating that feeling is. Now take a second and try to recall the last time you admitted you were wrong about something important. When was the last time you changed your mind about something really close to your identity—say, a political issue, a spiritual belief, or what you wanted to do with your life? How did that feel?

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It just happens to be true designed for just about everyone, including Kim after that me. And ask yourself this:. Accepting that is the first step en route for being more open-minded. Punching a barrage hurts less. But punching a barrage will always hurt. Belief: Men should pee sitting down at home. Your brain creatively fills in the gaps to protect you from crippling disbelief and indecision.

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