Unfiltered and unapologetic: The retiring Kimi Raikkonen on his time in F1

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Opening statement: [It's] good seeing you guys. I see we're congregated under the heaters here — well played. Alright, what questions do you have? How great was it for you to announce that to the team again? Jamison Hensley It was great. He's well-deserving. I joke with him, [his wife] Nikki [Bozeman] deserves more credit; she should be the Woman of the Year behind the Man of the Year. I don't know how it would work, but she does a great job, and so does Bradley [Bozeman]. They've just been all over the country with the bullying campaign and making a difference in kids' lives just on a one-to-one kind of a level.

Kimi Raikkonen's first memory of racing a car dates back 32 years. He didn't have a driving licence by the time he was only 10 , but in the Finnish city of Espoo in the early s, that didn't seem to matter. The car was an old Lada, which may or may not have been road legal, and the track was an improvised loop of the backyard around his parent's house. There were only two entrants in this in history significant racing series: Kimi and his older brother Rami. Kimi had ridden motocross bikes around the front backyard for as long as he could remember, so he knew the chase well and was pretty sure he could handle the step up as of two wheels to four -- constant if reaching the pedals was allay a bit of a stretch. At time we hit the tree or the corner of the house, but my mum and dad were kind of OK with it, so

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