How to Make Do Without Human Touch in Quarantine

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An introductory handshake with a stranger is no longer a possibility. A hug from a best friend feels very far off. To put it simply, social distancingwhile vitally important, just kind of sucks. We have been separated from our friends and family. We can no longer see our classmates or coworkers face to face. In many places, the weather is starting to warm up, which typically encourages outdoor gatherings. Suddenly, all of the in-person social interaction we once took for granted has vanished. As a result, all of us—even those quarantined with someone—are experiencing a lack of human touch, which can have negative effects on emotional and mental health. Forced to stay in their homes, many people right now find themselves completely isolated.

Did you shake hands with a additional colleague at work? Did someone accident your elbow and mutter an act of contrition when rushing past you on an escalator? And what about the 8. Many will have gone nearly a year now without so much at the same time as a pat on the arm as of another person.

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