7 Cute Curly Hairstyles

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Jordin Sparks' oh-so-romantic style takes only seconds. Use a paddle brush to stretch out your natural swirls, make a side part and slip in a flower pin or barrette. Bangs can be a bit of a challenge for those blessed with naturally curly hair. But songstress Mariah Carey got hers to look perfectly sexy by keeping them sparse—showing a little forehead makes curly bangs wearable. Cute and curly Taylor Swift reined in her trademark corkscrews a bit by pulling her hair into a romantic side chignon. Use a curling iron on just the front section to create face-flattering fringe. But don't let the band get all the attention: Slip it onto into the middle of your crown to keep your curls center stage. Whether your job has you sitting behind a piano or a desk, the slicked-back pony with free-styling curls Alicia Keys is working looks hot. Selena Gomez's layered curls make a faux bob possible.

A curling wand is a great apparatus to fine-tune naturally curly hair: It allows you to reshape curls accurately where they need some TLC, whether it be at mid-strand, the basis, or the end, without having en route for roll the entire strand up all the rage the iron. The result is absolutely defined curls in just a a small amount of minutes' time. The cutest curly hairstyles to try ASAP Now that you know how to treat your curls, you can style them properly, also. Whether you're trying to keep your curls from getting unruly in the wind or preventing your strands as of sticking to your face in the humid summer heat sweat! Braids are a godsend for curly girls: As a result of braiding your hair into a altered curl pattern, you lock in your moisturizing products and treatments during the night and wake up with a beautiful, low-maintenance style in the break of day.

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