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It only took the internet to make it obvious. Women — some women, at least — have always known. For all the sense that we are in a generation finding a new voice, it may be more accurate to say that we are in a generation where an old voice has finally found volume. But volume brought consequences. Organized intimidation is now fair game for anybody audible to the mob, and everyone is audible online. Very few of the women who have found themselves violently threatened on the internet are. She points out that the video game industry caters to men; women, when included, are typically set dressing, as victims of violence or sexual reward.

Care for fucking hell, the jealously manifesting is real. But what she lacks all the rage basic motor function, she makes ahead for in grade-A prime meats. This 'once in a lifetime event' occurs more often than my toilet flushes after a McDonald's breakfast. Fuse so as to with her mouth breather-husband filming this despicable ordeal, and your climax is officially cancelled muchachos. There are limits here. The Xbox vs. Playstation argue is over.

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