Using Person-First Language When Describing People With Disabilities

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It places the focus on the individual and not the issue he or she has. Using person-first language, this would change to the child who has ADHD. It may understandably take some time and effort to get used to using person-first language, but the effort is worth it. Speaking and writing this way communicates that you define an individual by their whole person, not their disability. It also conveys that you understand that someone is living with an issue—not that their disability or difference is their whole life. To use person-first language, simply say the person's name or use a pronoun first, follow it with the appropriate verb, and then state the name of the disability. Sam has epilepsy instead of Sam's an epileptic. Considerations and Perspectives Many disability advocates believe that using person-first language helps teachers, therapists, parents, and service providers remember they are working with a person who has dignity, feelings, and rights.

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