Hetairai: Greek Courtesans

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From racist slurs to classism, three students share the reasons why they left — or dismantled — their fraternities and sororities. The cliquishness, classism, and racial insensitivities of Greek life have never exactly been hidden. Students are quick to point out that these are institutions established for and by white men from a higher social classwhere racism, rape culture, and classism are not unfortunate side effects but direct consequences of the system. And more recently, colleges have been forced to deal with the results of fraternities ignoring coronavirus restrictions in favor of holding large gatherings: campus-wide Covid outbreaks.

All the rage December, , a volunteer who teaches photography at a school for expatriate children on the Greek island of Samos gave Kodak disposable cameras en route for her class. She told the students to photograph their daily lives. Altogether the African guys wanted to be transferred and they burned 2 toilets. The line for the doctor. Wires hung from a dirty and blemish ceiling, and a tube light traversed the frame. Samos is one of five islands that house refugees all the rage the eastern part of Greece.

Prostitution was legal in Athens, as elongate as it was not practiced as a result of an Athenian citizen. This meant so as to prostitutes tended either to be slaves, whether female or male, or metics , who, not being born of Athenian parents could not themselves be citizens but who did have a few rights as resident aliens. In a society in which men tended en route for marry late, in which marriages as a rule were not for love, and all the rage which the women of citizen families often were secluded, to be slight talked about by men, in the words of Pericles, whether they are praising you or criticizing you, the role of the hetaira perhaps is inevitable. And it was in the social institution of the symposium , or drinking party, that it was enacted. Exclusively the province of a privileged male elite, the symposium was characterized by its homosexual or bisexual ethos; its philosophical and political address and creative competitions, in which elegies were sung to the accompaniment of a flute and lyric songs as a result of the lyre; and, as the symposiasts began to feel the effects of even watered wine, the less academic and not always welcomed embrace of slave boys and flute girls, after that, of course, hetairai.

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