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Pin it has been an incredibly tough year but the world of late-night has been both a constant source of entertainment for viewers and a shining case study for how to make television during a global pandemic. The genre has proved tenacious, resilient and funny in the face of a devastating health crisis, adapting to shooting from home, while also preparing for a hotly contested Presidential election. It is not lost on us how lucky we are. The Late Show once again comfortably won the year in total viewers from September to Septemberaccording to Nielsen, but in viewers agedcompetition was much closer.

Wilmore is willing to get vicious all the rage attacking subjects , especially, of avenue, Republicans whenever they seem to misspeak. But he brings more authority after that intelligence to this mockey than Noah, and deserves more ratings than he's getting. The big problem for The Nightly Show is the latter roundtable section, a complete misfire in which multiple guests compete for time after that seem to reiterate what's already been said. With a little revamping, Wilmore's show could be much improved. He's come out of his shell arrange The Voice and shows his bullish side in the morning for Today's Orange Room. But Last Call allows him to use strange camera angles, don his leather jacket, and allocate bands some exposure.

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