Is No-Strings-Attached Sex Ever Enough?

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Hooking up. Friends with benefits. Casual sex. No matter what you call it, this kind of relationship is about one thing. But is spending plenty of no-strings-attached quality time in the bedroom really enough?

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All the rage an ever-swiping dating landscape, sometimes, you want to get laid without a big commitment. Plenty of people all the rage their 30s, 40s, 50s and afar are doing the promiscuous thing. Relationships take time and effort, and at time, those elements are off the dating docket. Done right, one-night stands be able to be stress-free and fun. If you enter a casual sex scenario along with no and I mean no expectations and safety in mind, no-strings-attached femininity can be a great way en route for explore your sexuality without emotional bags — at any age. You can think you can handle it, although trust me, feelings always worm their way in. Not to say so as to casual sex always precludes intimacy.

A moment ago, much to my confused delight, I found myself perched on a washing machine being energetically fingered by a human male. This was an appealing and enthusiastically consented-to state of affairs, not least of all because. Constant more interesting: This particular human manly had read a piece of abundance on sexual ethics, hookup culture, after that vulnerability, and he had some questions. Namely: Why on earth would you talk to a chick you fucked the morning after? I believe so as to my pussy is a diplomat, dispersal feminism wherever she goes. Sharing time! To the smart-asses noting that I prefer talking about sex to, you know, having sex: Sexuality is discursive, bitches. We live in a background that dichotomizes intimacy. Those sequins!

Altogether you want is a FWB agreement, but somehow feelings always seem en route for get in the way of your good time. The whole idea of no strings attached is to adhere to it casual. Therefore, literal friends along with benefits never work. A no strings attached relationship is about sex, not friendship. A friend counts on you, and what you really need is a relationship with absolutely no allegiance. At least, not with each erstwhile.

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