A Brief History of Kissing in Movies

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By Ashley Moor June 11, With International Kissing Day right around the corner July 6you may find yourself turning to the silver screen for some inspiration. After all, for decades, stars have been turning up the heat and melting hearts with their spine-tingling cinematic chemistry—and, of course, some actual kissing. Whether it's undercover high school student Jodie is receiving her very first kiss in the most downright romantic way in Never Been Kissed, or a series of middle-of-nowhere make-out sessions, like those in Brokeback Mountain, herein are the steamiest, sultriest on-screen kisses of all time. And for a look behind the curtain of these melt-your-screen smooches, check out 30 Shocking Facts from Your Favorite Movies. After watching this mega-romantic movie, we all wanted to kiss our special someone in the pouring rain—after a scenic paddle on the pond. In this swoon-worthy scene, Jake and Melanie finally get their act—and lips—together in the middle of a thunderstorm. I mean, how could Kirsten Dunst not want to make out with the superhero who literally just beat up a group of guys to protect her? Throwing all caution to the wind literally has never been more romantic. Though, the one that always hits us right in the feels is the moment their lips finally meet after years of pining after each other from afar.

Central article: Kirk and Uhura's kiss The episode Plato's Stepchildren is often cited as the first interracial kiss depicted on television, between James T. Kirk William Shatner and Lt. Uhura Nichelle Nichols , but the reality is not so straightforward. William Shatner recalls in Star Trek Memories that NBC insisted their lips never touch the technique of turning their heads absent from the camera was used en route for conceal this ; moreover, the affair portrays the kiss as involuntary, body forced by telekinesis. Nichelle Nichols insists in her autobiography Beyond Uhura in black and white in after Shatner's book that the kiss was real, even in takes where her head obscures their lips.

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Accumulate Story Save this story for afterwards. For this edition, I participated all the rage an interview about the movie, at the same time as did other people close to the production. So I relented, thinking conceivably that it would make for a sweet if unconventional mother-daughter bonding flash. At one point in the big screen, the bad-boy character, John Bender, ducks under the table where my appeal, Claire, is sitting, to hide as of a teacher.

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