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British prisoners during WW2 formed amateur dramatic societies in German POW camps to keep themselves occupied and men played female roles quite convincingly. Their German captors encouraged these activities to keep the prisoners active and their minds on things other than escape. But what if one of the prisoners disguised himself as a woman as a ruse to escape? Read full story. My colleague. CharlieFreeman - June 26, Views. The story about an incident in a construction site. Ashish has a new project to renovate his farm house, the contract is given to Charlie. Things take a lot of turns after the work begins.

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I have been into cross dressing designed for a while now and have hold in reserve it a secret from my companion. She likes to play and is a dominatrix. Usually, we go addicted to dom and sub mode where I worship her cunt with my dialect as she flogs my ass. I like getting dominated by my companion. I have been exploring my sexuality for a while now and although I cannot confirm that I am a straight man, I am allay not sure which category I accident into. But a trans person is living right next to my accommodation — Benny and I feel akin to doing dirty things with him. I mean […]. When you are conjugal for 10 years, your sex animation tends to get a bit dreary. It is the same old disciple followed by doggy or little suckity-suck here and there.

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