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Sheldon Cooper : Quick poll! PS4 or Xbox One? Raj Koothrappali : Uh, Xbox One. Sheldon Cooper : Penny! Penny : Huh? Sheldon Cooper : Leonard! Leonard Hofstadter : PS4.

A few day, we'll be together. In an episode that aired immediately after the series finale of its mothership chain, Young Sheldon surprised Big Bang Assumption fans with one more look by the gang, but as younger versions of themselves. The premise of Thursday night's episode of Young Sheldon had Sheldon eagerly awaiting the announcements of the Nobel Prize winners. When his party goes bust at the aim of the episode, the voiceover, performed by grown-up Sheldon, Jim Parsons, explains that in that moment, he felt like a neutrino, destined to be alone forever. What it was akin to at the final taping of 'The Big Bang Theory'. Viewers are shown six other children.

Sheldon wreaks havoc when he is stumped by a difficult physics question. Leonard Hofstadter : [Leonard gets a appeal in the middle of the dark about Sheldon's antics] Sheldon's escaped after that is terrorizing the village. The Adult Bang Theory. Episode aired Feb 1, 20m. Comedy Romance. Director Mark Cendrowski.

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