Sexual Behaviors and Experiences among Behaviorally Bisexual Men in the Midwestern United States

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Studies concerning behaviorally bisexual men continue to focus on understanding sexual risk in according to a narrow range of sexual behaviors. In-depth, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 75 men who engaged in bisexual behavior within the past six months. Participants were asked about their subjective sexual experiences with male and female partners. Findings suggest adherence to normative gender roles, with attraction to men and women conforming to these stereotypes, as well as a segregation of sexual behaviors along gendered lines.

This study used qualitative methods to calculate why women engage in heterosexual anal receptive intercourse AI with a manly partner. Four focus groups which comprised women from diverse ethnicities were conducted. The riskiness of AI was assessed within relationship contexts. Past experience along with AI including emotional and physical reactions was identified. Among the negative animal experiences of AI were pain after that disliking the sensation, and uncomfortable area effects, such as bleeding of the rectum.

Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Delve into examining the sexual behaviors and experiences of behaviorally bisexual men is imperfect. This study aimed to assess a broad range of sexual behaviors after that associated experiences among bisexual men active in the midwestern United States. An interviewer-administered questionnaire containing items from the National Survey of Sexual Health after that Behavior assessed lifetime and recent i. Responses were quantified and analyzed using descriptive and multivariate statistics. A ample range of sexual behaviors with partners of both genders was found. Vaginal intercourse and oral sex with equally men and women were the a good number commonly reported behaviors. Subjective reports of pleasure, arousal, and sexual function all through sexual activity were similar with equally male and female partners.

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