Am I pregnant? Early signs and symptoms of pregnancy

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If that's not reason enough to let someone throw you a fabulous mom-to-be bash, consider this: A baby shower can really help you feel less overwhelmed by equipping you with a lot of what you'll need when the baby arrives, says Jodi Cohen, cofounder of JOWY Productions, a Los Angeles event company. Whatever helps relieve new-parent stress is a very good thing. That's why we're answering expectant moms' most common baby-shower questions. Who should throw my baby shower? Who should I invite to my baby shower?

Acquire answers about your pregnancy Start along with the pregnancy basics Calculate your baby's due date. Don't bother with a pencil and paper — just abuse our handy due date calculator. Not only will it tell you the date you'll be looking forward en route for all pregnancy long, it'll give you a personalized calendar that shows after you'll hear your baby's heartbeat, achieve out your baby's sex, and add. Choose a doctor or midwife. You'll be seeing a lot of your obstetrician, family physician, or midwife above the coming months, so it's central to find a good match. A long time ago you've made your decision, help acquire your pregnancy off to a beneficial start by scheduling your first prenatal appointment.

Carry Being pregnant is hard work. Budding a baby can mean morning sicknessswelling, mood swings, backaches, and a congregation of other discomforts -- which agency you're more than deserving of a little splurge here and there. At this juncture are 10 wonderful ways to baby your pregnant body while you're expecting! Keep track of your food cravings. Get a pregnancy massage. Massages can not be part of your accepted pampering routine did I hear a laugh there? It may not constant cost you: I called my fitness insurance provider and found out so as to our coverage includes a few knead therapy visits.

Can you repeat that? to Eat Before the Glucose Acid test for the Best Results Sensitive gums and even some bleeding — although be sure to see your dentist if your gums are bright burgundy and bleed easily, as it could be a sign of gingivitis. Lap crampswhich usually start in the agree with trimester and last through the third. Dizzinesswhich occurs when your blood vessels widen and relax — increasing blood flow to your baby, but slowing your blood pressure down. Take it easy, eat plenty of small meals and fill up on fluids en route for reduce symptoms. Weight gainas your craving likely increases or appears, if you were suffering from nausea and craving loss in the first trimester en route for support your growing baby. If you started out your pregnancy at a normal weight, expect to gain about a pound per week for a total of about 14 pounds all through this trimester. All of the beyond are perfectly normal and temporary — as are feelings of apprehension, bad temper, forgetfulness and even frustration at looking not quite pregnant yet. There can also be some big changes all the rage the bedroom during the second trimester. Some pregnant people find themselves hotter than ever, with extra blood curve to all the right spots.

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