Taiga Akatora

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For the most part we had a pretty good run of it. It was low drama, we got along, the sex was good. No, great. We took a turn. The sex part was less frequent. Sure, this was still oral and orgasms had by all.

This section contains spoilers from the account. Read at your own risk! Although little of his private life beyond Camp Buddy is known, it is shown that Taiga first joined Base camp Buddy one year prior to after the game takes places. It additionally revealed that he joined the base camp at the request of Kieran , his boyfriend at the time, accordingly that both of them could allow a wonderful summer together. At at the outset, he was making a lot of friends and enjoyed his time along with Kieran there. One day, he adage Eduard being bullied and stood ahead for him, which won him Eduard's heart. Later, when Lee wanted en route for stand up against the bullies akin to Taiga did, he was beaten as a result of them.

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