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The vaccine is free for people with and without insurance—but beware of scams asking you to pay for it. Take the vaccine that is first offered to you. Check with your health department, pharmacy, or doctor about when and where to receive the vaccine. The past 18 months have been historic for many reasons, including the development and launch of COVID vaccines. Importantly, older adults and individuals from diverse backgrounds have been considered at every step during the research and development process. These results are remarkable and much better than expected. The great news is that we can be assured that all three vaccines are safe and effective, and experts are still reviewing how long protection will last. How are the vaccines similar and different? Our cells make copies of that protein, which our bodies recognize as foreign, prompting an immune response.

Although as the doses mount, so allow the data, with studies suggesting so as to the immunity from two doses of either vaccine wanes rapidly, and the protection offered to older people is limited. This week the World Fitness Organization announced advice from its Calculated Advisory Group of Experts on Inoculation SAGE that people over 60 should receive a third dose of the same or another vaccine to certify sufficient protection. A number of countries are already offering third doses en route for all adults or are trying mix-and-match approaches. But others say that the vaccines still have a major amount to play.

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