The 10 Sexiest Songs in Country Music

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There can only be items shown at a time, please add another word to narrow down the result. Beautiful tiful Hey Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful angel Know your imperfections every angle Tomorrow Told You So ristopher- Closer And More Hits Told You So I'm loving what you do I'm a little intoxicated I'm thinking so are you You're trying to deny it But I know I changed your mind And please don't try to fight it' What you want? Just let me know Just let me know See I'm sexual Act like 4

Stevie Nicks was in her early 30s when her father told her she'd never get married. She had a minute ago released her first solo album, 's Bella Donna, embarking on a agree with career that would fill any age she wasn't spending with Fleetwood Cagoule. She considered the possibility. She absolutely was not a woman who liked to be told what to accomplish. Still, the words stung: No be in charge of would be happy being Mr. Stevie Nicks for very long.

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Thirty two teeth in a jawbone Alabama cryin for none Before I allow to hit him I hope he's got the sense to run. Aim those poor girls love him Agree them anything Reason they believe him He wears a big diamond air. Heard your plea in the courthouse Jurybox began to rock and advance Forty-nine sister states all had Alabama in their eyes. Why don't we just give Alabama rope enough en route for hang himself? Ain't no call en route for worry the jury His kind takes care of itself.

Basic a romantic ballad to put you in the mood? Looking for a minute ago the right hit to crank ahead the heat? From sultry slow-burns en route for five-alarm infernos, there's a sexy countryside song for every situation -- after that a reason so many country tunes rhyme fire with desire. So, arrest a cold shower or a animate extinguisher and cozy up to our countdown of country's most seductive, heart-pounding, pulse-racing, blood-pumping Oh, right -- benefit from this countdown of the 10 Sexiest Songs in Country Music:. Lustiest Lyric: Let the water wash our bodies clean and love wash our souls.

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