This One Thing is the Biggest Predictor of Divorce

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This advice applies to England. See advice for Northern IrelandScotlandWales. Separating from a partner can have a big impact on your finances, especially if you relied on their income during your relationship. This is in addition to any child maintenance they might have to pay. You can ask your ex-partner for financial support if you were married in a country where Islamic marriages are recognised, for example Pakistan. You can find out more about mediation before you go to the MIAM.

This one thing is the biggest analyst of divorce. You may know Dr. After watching thousands of couples bicker in his lab, he was adept to identify specific negative communication patterns that predict divorce. He called them The Four Horsemen of the Catastrophe , and they are criticism, condescension, defensiveness, and stonewalling. The target of contempt is made to feel despised and worthless.

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