Meet the Women Making the Outdoors More Accessible to All

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Learn more. We believe all women are capable of getting outdoors. Plunge into the stunning Ningaloo waters with turtles, snorkel the abundant reef and swim with Whale Sharks. A once in a lifetime adventure to camp, kayaking and experience the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef Coast. Sleep in a swag under billions of stars, hike over 80km, take a dip in a chilly gorge and immerse yourself in the culturally rich outback landscape. An adventure to bring you back to nature, get a little dusty and laugh with a group of like-minded women. Undertake the highest peak in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko!

After that, aside from actually adventuring, one of the best ways to get brilliant is by reading some uplifting al fresco quotes. We curated this complete catalogue of over 50 of our favorite outdoor quotes to help inspire you to plan your next adventure. At the same time as outdoor lovers, we know that at time a little shot of inspiration after that motivation is what you need en route for get to the summit. Looking designed for the perfect gift for your favorite outdoorsy person? Our love of the outdoors rests in a sense of wonder and awe at the advantage of nature and the wildness of the outdoors. These hand-picked outdoor quotes explain the sweeping feeling of body surrounded by the nature and airy air of the outdoors. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the diminutive child, and the smiling faces.

It makes sense. Thankfully, there are a load of women out there who are working tirelessly to change that brand. And while it is far as of all-encompassing, we've put together this catalogue to spotlight 10 of those women, all of whom are creating communities and leading the organizations and initiatives we need to make the al fresco a place that welcomes every brand of adventurer. We hope it encourages you to get out there, too—whatever your version of out there capacity be. I didn't know people did that for fun until I got out of the military and absorbed myself in this community.

Here's a starting point for anyone looking to move outside their comfort district and trying something new or altered. Sure, many of you will allow already experienced some of the suggestions on this list, but the aim here is to get you thinking—a starting point. Others may find a dozen or more items on this list as great ideas. So achieve something here that might stimulate you and get you started. Have an idea that should be added en route for this list? Please comment with your ideas below and keep the banter lively and interesting. September 4, August 9,

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