Sexomania or Sexsomnia?

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Borderline Personality and Sexuality Note: The following article is meant to examine the ways in which powerful negative emotions can combine to form certain personality traits and how that can impact sexuality. It is not meant to pathologize or demonize anyone who struggles with any of these difficulties, but merely to illustrate how problematic emotions can create chronic relational and sexual disturbances. As a therapist, I always take a strengths-based approach, and focus on how the individual can resolve their difficult emotions, rather than what is wrong with them. In the next series of articles, I will go into a little bit greater detail on how these various emotions can come together into very specific and defined characterological patterns and how these personality types can come through sexually.

Absolute article in Prevention Magazine about the sex addiction controversy. Check out can you repeat that? I had to say. Online: Marrying a Murderer E! News picked ahead my an interview I did along with Vice a few years ago a propos hybristophilia, which is the attraction en route for criminals. Very interesting story. Who is Australia's version of People Magazine.

Sexomania affects both sexes and can be treated FOR some women there is nothing more annoying than a affiliate who has sex while he sleeps. This is not an uncommon badly behave and experts call the condition sexomania. It can involve masturbation or initiating sexual contact with a partner although asleep. The condition is more coarse in men though women do be diagnose with from sexomania too. It can adapt in severity from just troublesome moaning to sexual, and sometimes violent, acts during sleep. It is believed so as to it might affect about one percent of the population, but it's arduous to get an accurate idea as many sufferers are too embarrassed en route for report it, or just have denial memory of their sleep sex habits. Sexomania has also been widely discussed and reported in the media at the same time as a devastating disorder that can advance to a break-up of relationships en route for being a humorous measure of one's sex drive.

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