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But I have yet to attack them purely out of naivete. The first one he fired off during his impassioned defense of the indefensible CISPA bill, in which he referred to opponents of the bill including the ACLU and EFF as year-olds in their basement clicking around on the internet. Or are we going to stand up and find out how many lives we can save? Setting aside the point that transparency groups like the ACLU and EFF aren't comprised of malicious hackers, the insinuation that the opposition is largely comprised of sexless young adults is nothing short of insulting. It's this sort of attitude fosters the us vs. By characterizing the opposition as social misfits, the NSA's supporters hope to sway public opinion back to its side.

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Accomplish I always have to be noble? To be better. To be acceptable. And the bounds of respectability are narrowly defined by professional and delicate choices reflecting the social mores of the majority culture‚ÄĒpatriarchal, Judeo-Christian, heteronormative, after that middle class. Spencer ended up attractive home an Oscar later that month for Best Supporting Actress Davis abandoned to Meryl Streep for Best Artist , but Smiley had articulated a discomfort many in the Black area felt about their big-screen roles. Designed for all its popularity and acclaim, The Help illustrates that Hollywood still filters and distorts the lives and histories of minorities through the eyes of the majority; celebrates white saviors; after that, 72 years post-Mammy, is still add comfortable casting Black women as maids than as prime ministers, action heroes, or romantic leads. Where Smiley trod lightly, some people have been add explicit in their criticism of Davis and Spencer.

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