Let It Go Lyrics from Frozen

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So who better than the inimitable Jesy Nelson to grace the cover? Hello, everyone! Standing close by her, I cannot help but be struck by the poignancy of that single, almost inaudible remark. It is almost one year since she controversially left her three band mates — Perrie EdwardsJade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock — in the wildly successful girlband Little Mix to go it alone as a solo artist. And I like that feeling. The message is loud and clear — Jesy Nelson is in the building and everything you think you know about this woman is about to change.

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The parting was off. Some amateur had misaligned the green and black ascent. She stopped flipping her hair after that started wearing a suspicious number of hats. Underneath it was red, they swore. Meanwhile, Billie Eilish sweated, accurately and figuratively, ruing the day she committed to spending months cosplaying at the same time as herself to hide the look of her second-album era. Before her business hairpiece arrived, a last-minute video advent forced her to buy a Billie Eilish Halloween costume from Amazon.

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