Why Women Find Bad Boys So Attractive Even Though We Know They're Trouble

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What is it about those bad boys? Hollywood has always been filled with those seemingly irresistible and unattainable menand so many romantic movies choose to highlight a woman's quest to land that seemingly untouchable renegade and call him her own. But why do so many women find themselves falling for bad boys in real life? The actual reasons may surprise you. While society may have you believe it's just the way that bad boys comb their hair, rock leather jackets, or walk into a room like they own the place, it's been shown that women are actually scientifically more attracted to men with deviant personality types. In other words, these seemingly negative characteristics can in reality be beneficial toward drawing more people toward these bad boys in a romantic way. And as a result, bad boys who live their lives as renegades who are up to no good are often perceived as more attractive and appealing.

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