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Working in cybersecurity within the United States intelligence community means navigating a warren of male-dominated fields. Inequalities persist, but three senior-level women at the National Security Agency and Cyber Command offered WIRED rare insights into how those organizations have evolved—and the hard work that remains to be done. NSA and Cyber Command agents are by necessity tight-lipped about the substance of their day-to-day work and specific accomplishments. But in talking about their experiences as women in majority-male fields they could be more candid, providing a rare window into their daily lives working on US intelligence analysis and international hacking operations. After a decade working her way up the ranks, she became a cyberspace offensive weapons officer stationed in Japan and ultimately a captain working at Fort Meade, where NSA is also headquartered. Her military progression is exceptional not only for its speed—she's one of the most junior team leads in her department—but for having accomplished it in an overwhelmingly male field with few female role models coming before her. Would they have listened if you were a guy? Lyon is the first woman to serve in her role, in which she advises both agencies on issues affecting the military workforce. We were getting ready to deploy, and we had other missions that were going on.

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It was released as shareware in It is currently available from Project Gutenberg. In the novel Zeitgeist by Bruce Sterlingthe physical world could be bent by ideas, and the NSA's orbiting cameras forced the normal rules en route for apply, and were used as a threat against the main character, who understood and used the true character of the universe. The agency is also referenced in the novel Teeth of the Tiger. In the published podcast novel Earthcore by Scott Siglervarious NSA agents are depicted as body ultra-violent and power hungry. The central character is a scientist for the project who tries to escape NSA custody after a fellow scientist is murdered by NSA agents. InM. Harrigan became the first NSA insider en route for write a book about the action since its inception in In Robert J.

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