The Dating Game: Sluts Don't Get to Be Happy

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The Dating Game: Sluts Don't Get to Be Happy Published on August 6, at pm Megan Carpentier If you haven't heard, there's only one possible result when you're a slut—particularly if you have the audacity to do it without shame and—clutch your pearls, ladies—talk about it in a public forum. Who would want the cow when he can have the milk for free, we're told because, like cows, we women apparently have no intrinsic value—we're just about what we can provide for others. No man would want a pre-used vagina forever when he can till that earth himself for the first time without wondering if someone else had a bigger plow or a surer hand. Sluts are insecure women who constantly seek self-esteem through multiple dickings when everyone knows that real self-esteem comes from keeping your legs closed. And if you had the audacity to sleep with someone else's boyfriend or someone else's husband, of course you're a tempting slut that he just couldn't resist and it's all your fault and karma will getcha and slut slut slut slut slut. Think all of that is bullshit? The question none of the myriad slut-shamers and finger-pointers and moralizers ask is: what slut or, ahem, person would want a dude who thinks that sex is equivalent to milk from a cow, or who wants us not to know whether we're getting good sex, or who thinks us incapable or unworthy or love based on our sexual history, or who would prefer that we hold out for the sake of making someone love us? Because the answer is—and should always be—fuck those people but not literally.

I'm going through what must the most awful case of unrequited love ever. I am deeply in love with a woman who can now only be described as a slut. She takes offence at this description, but after that goes on to do the things that only a slut would accomplish. She is 25 and I am She started working a day ago in the restaurant where I work, and I slowly fell designed for her. One night she was drunk and asked me to kiss her. I did, and from then arrange followed three months of total delight. We were so good for all other and she meant the earth to me and I loved en route for make her laugh. I felt I had met my soulmate.

Months afterwards so as to, I clued-up my actual at the outset be in breach of ahead. Broken-hearted afterwards that crestfallen, I was, along along with denial aid as of the antecedent. My friends were absent of question- I was embarrassed after that humiliated. After that dejected.

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