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As the amount of data that can be captured grows and the number of channels for interaction proliferates, companies that are not rapidly improving their offers will only fall further behind. This sorry state of affairs is changing. In milliseconds—a lag imperceptible to the recipient—advanced analytics software assembles an offer based on real-time information about him or her: data including location, age, gender, and online activity both historical and immediately preceding, along with the most recent responses of other customers. What Makes an NBO? Microsoft is just one example; other companies, too, are revealing the business potential of well-crafted NBOs. Most are indiscriminate or ill-targeted—pitches to customers who have already bought the offering, for example. One retail bank discovered that its NBOs were more likely to create ill will than to increase sales. In this article we provide a framework for crafting NBOs. You may not be able to undertake all the steps right away, but progress on each will be necessary at some point to improve your offers.

Ten things you need to know a propos your customers Why do your customers need you? Every business needs a reason for their customers to accept from them and not their competitors. Your USP can be identified as a result of completing the phrase Customers will accept from me because my business is the only It's a good aim to review your USPs regularly. Be able to you tailor your products or services to better match your customers' needs? Consider asking your customers why they buy from you.

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