4 Reasons Why Girls Attracted to Guy with Tattoos

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Whether that be hitting the gym to chisel out a six-pack, bragging about how much cash they have, or telling a story at the bar about how they knew Elon Musk before he got famous and gave him the idea for SpaceX. But, what if someone told you the secret to attracting the female population is just as simple as hitting up your local tattoo parlor and getting hooked up with some fresh new ink? No more cheesy chat up lines required. Tattooing: A Short History Tattooing is by no means a new fad. In fact, historians have traced the origins of this fascinating art way back to around 12, years ago during the Neolithic ages, finding evidence on mummified preserved skin. However, despite their ancient origins, tattoos were considered taboo by many people in society, assumed to be donned by criminals and social deviants alike. Thankfully, times have moved on since then, and even now the social stigmas continue to be lifted.

As a result of Rachel Khona April 28, I assume the more important question here is why not? If you're into a certain kind of masculinity, it barely makes sense to date a chap with tats. At least once. It's basically science: hot guys with tattoos are boyfriend-material.

We were sitting outside at a bistro on the water, when he asked my opinion on tattoos. Obviously, whether or not you get a tattoo is always going to be a personal decision. But it's only accepted to wonder what the person you're trying to attract really thinks a propos the matter. Zensa Skin Care a minute ago conducted a study on over 1, people to see what men after that women really thought about tattoos arrange the opposite sex: What makes a tattoo cool? Zensa Most guys 43 percent agree that it's the artistic ability of your tattoo that makes it attractive. Location, location, location.

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