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Brady Press Briefing Room P. EST MS. Thanks for your patience. A little delayed today, but for good reason.

At the same time as the world continued to grapple along with changing restrictions and recommendations surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, rumors persisted into after everyone else summer regarding scientific understanding behind the effectiveness of certain face coverings old to reduce COVID transmission. Research as a result of Snopes found this claim to be false and largely misreported by a few media outlets. The claim can be traced back to a study published in Science Advances on Aug. All over the course of their research, scientists set out to determine the finest methods for testing how to appraise 14 types of face coverings — not determine which one is the most effective in protecting against broadcast. The study was not meant en route for be a conclusive guide describing which masks to wear, but rather how to test their varied effectiveness.

Q Thank you there. And then, can you repeat that? specifically is this administration doing en route for make certain that they are held to those standards? Some of those reforms are more programmatic and bureaucratic; they relate to ensuring greater competence and effectiveness in responding to things like the outbreak of COVID A few of them are about making absolutely that there is not undue affect or interference by any single affiliate state or country in the WHO. And then some of them associate to very targeted issues like the COVID origins investigation where I allow personally, and we collectively, have been quite vocal about our view so as to there needs to be a agree with round to this investigation that accurately gets to the heart of the matter, which is the original fact and original information that is allay being withheld by China. And our hope is that in the advent months we will see a believable international investigation progress, including in abide by to those items. Q Thank you, Jake.

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