Single Mothers by Choice

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Everyone has a dad, my 5-year-old daughter's friend blurted out innocently as she looked around our home, taking stock of the toy collection in the corner. It was her first time over for a play date, and I wasn't expecting this question to pop up within the first 10 minutes of her arrival. Before I had time to consider my response, my daughter answered, My mommy is my only parent because she really wanted me! At 31 years old, I conceived my daughter with the help of a known sperm donor as a single mother by choice. A single mother by choice SMC is a woman who chooses to have a child on her own.

Having a partner can help, but is not always an option. For reasons ranging from personal preference to annulment, widowhood, and beyond, many women all the rage the U. Here, we asked five single moms to share their journeys. Photographed by Nancy Bulma Fields. Nora Grace: Nora Grace's own onesie.

Researchers collected the personal data of definite women undergoing assisted reproduction at broadcast and private clinics for the at the outset time last year. I met erstwhile men who mostly seemed to be interested in their careers — before their PlayStations — so I began to lose faith. Plus I had this primal urge to have my own child. I thought about having a baby with a friend, although realised this could get complicated. I considered a one-night stand — not a big deal in Denmark — but felt this would be by hook or by crook dishonest, stealing sperm from someone. This left donor conception. But I went for insemination, got pregnant and all the rage , gave birth to a babe girl. But my sons and I created our own family unit.

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