Lil and hairy Riley Reid squirts all over his face

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When i had sex with my hubby, I always have the urge for peeing. But after sometimes and try to empty, i really squirt. It is urge of pushing something out. Its kind off feeling releasing esp when G spot is stimulated. And the water is NOT pee. Sometimes, u only see some white cum on the CB area, rite?

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this clause. Jul 9, Getty Images Female ejaculation is one of those things that's wildly misunderstood. Most people think it's pee that comes out when a big cheese squirts spoiler: it's not. And a few are even unsure if it's a real thing erm, it is. At this juncture, one woman who ejaculates explains can you repeat that? it's really like. The first age it happened, I was genuinely afraid. I was having sex with my boyfriend of six months — he was giving me oral sex although massaging my G-spot with his feel.

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