Wealthy people more likely to cheat finds study

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Lacey Jay, 26, began dating a rich married stockbroker she met on adulterous hook-up website IllicitEncounters. A model who wanted revenge on her boyfriend after claiming he cheated on her has become a serial mistress to wealthy married men. Lacey Jay, 26, revenge cheated on her lover after claiming she discovered he was secretly dating other girls behind her back. But her fling with a rich married stockbroker 10 years her senior led to Miss Jay seeking out other affairs with other wealthy adulterous husbands after she she was lavished with gifts. Now she had had illicit romances with three other married men after she met them through a dating site for people who want to cheat. She says she dumped her boyfriend after showing pictures of herself with one of her wealthy lovers. A friend of hers had started seeing richer older men she had met on IllicitEncounters. Miss Jay added: I was stunned by the reaction. I had dozens and dozens of good looking and incredibly rich older men desperate to take me out.

By 19 years old, Gweneth Lee absolute she was only going to appointment incredibly wealthy men when she arrive a piece of advice from her boss while she was crying by her desk about her most contemporary boyfriend. And with all that you bring to the table, why atrophy your time on someone who can't appreciate you? Now, at age 47, Lee is a serial mistress absolutely of affluent, self-made men. She says she has had affairs with above in total. But it's not a propos the money.

Absence to discuss? Men who are big, smart and rich are more apt to cheat while lonely housewives along with high sex drives are the brand of women most likely to abandoned from a relationship, a new analyse suggests. According to a survey as a result of IllicitEncounters. Women, however, cheat because they feel neglected by their partner.

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