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The Science of Laughter: Why we laugh and why we are attracted to people who tickle our funny bone. And when it comes to romantic connection, laughing can really seal the deal, according to three recent studies done by the same researcher. Hall concluded that when strangers meet, the more times a man tries to be funny and the more times a woman laughs at those attempts, the more likely it is for the woman to be interested in dating. In an effort to disprove the connection between humor and intelligence, Hall conducted three studies. In the second study, nearly college students filled out a survey on humor in courtship.

Neuroscientist and part time stand-up comic Prof Sophie Scott reveals 10 things you probably didn't know about laughter. The first time I did stand-up clown my only coherent thought afterwards was that I wanted to do it again immediately, and do it advance. As a psychologist, this is above all puzzling as pretty much everything we think about laughter is wrong. Accordingly here are 10 things you, almost certainly, didn't know about laughter. Want en route for see a rat laugh? Then amuse it.

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